George Washington University Hosts Rob Montz

On Monday, November 14th, the George Washington University Young Americans for Liberty had the pleasure of hosting freelance video producer Rob Montz from We The Internet. Rob Montz aired his documentary “Is The University Killing Free Speech and Open Debate?” that followed Montz as he returned to his alma mater of Brown University, hoping to to get a sense of happened to free speech and debate on campus among students.

The screening of Montz’s documentary was followed by an intellectually stimulating debate among politically diverse students in attendance. He left students with several “do’s” and “dont’s” regarding how to both be a successful free speech activist on campus and effectively present your ideas in the hopes of persuading others.

GW YAL was pleased with the outcome of this event and hopes to continue being an advocate for free speech on campus. We also look forward to the release of Montz’s documentary sequel.

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