Georgetown University’s Successful Recruitment Drive!

Georgetown University’s YAL chapter had a successful recruitment drive last week at the semi-annual CAB Fair. As an access-to-benefits group, we were able to secure a table at the fair and display our recruitment drive materials to attract students to sign up.

Georgetown YAL Board

From the beginning of the three hour CAB Fair, we had students coming over to our table eager to learn more about YAL and what kinds of activities they can look forward to as a member of the club. 

In all, we received a full page of sign ups from the CAB Fair. We believe this is a small–yet significant–step toward establishing a permanent presence on Georgetown’s campus as a superior alternative to the two party status quo. 

We are looking forward to hosting various discussion events, hosting speakers, and even traveling together as a club to ISFLC 2016 as the semester progresses. We’re ready to spread the message of liberty.

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