Georgia Governor Nathan Deal gets unwanted surprise at his own event

Georgia Gun Owners leaves Georgia's Deal a surprise

Attendees of Georgia’s 3rd annual “Grillin’ With the Governor” returned to their cars this year to find a little something extra.  

The event, put on by Georgia’s Republican Governor Nathan Deal, was the subject of a literature canvass by volunteers from the group Georgia Gun Owners stating that Deal “killed pro-gun bills in 2013” and asked if he would “do it again in 2014.”  

Georgia Gun Owners flier

Deal has taken heat since the end of the 2013 legislative session, being accused by gun-rights advocates and various organizations for using backroom deals to help kill pro-gun legislation, including a bill that would have all but ended “gun free” zones in the state.  

The literature canvass was met by some resistance, however.  On their Facebook page, Georgia Gun Owners stated that “during the bbq, Deal staffers spread out to destroy as many of the flyers as they could.”  According to another Facebook post, one of the alleged participants in this resistance was said to be State Representative Josh Clark (R-Buford).  

Deal, who is already facing a Republican primary contender in Dalton Mayor David Pennington, has also been threatened with a primary challenge by current Georgia School Superintendent John Barge (R-Rome).   

It will be interesting to see how (or if) Governor Deal handles the pro-gun crowd throughout the primary process.  

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