Georgia gun bill becomes law and nobody dies

Pictured above: What never happened.

The strangest thing happened Tuesday. I didn’t die in a shooting rampage.  

Normally this sort of statement would seem a bit ridiculous, but according to progressives all over the country, Georgia was supposed to become the wild west at midnight on July 1 as the latest gun bill took effect.  

As I went to early vote in downtown Rome at the old Federal Building I fully expected to be greeted by a hail of gunfire, and be forced to make my way to the voting booth over pools of innocent blood and other carnage, but surprisingly it was just another normal visit.  

Georgia’s “Safe Carry Protection Act” removes the firearms restrictions from government owned facilities that don’t provide armed security services.  Among other provisions, the bill also allows licensed Georgians and visitors from 28 other states to be armed in all bars, and also in places of worship that choose to opt-in.  

It’s easy to see my concern today as I walked into the beautiful old unsecured building to vote.  I was shocked, however, to discover that law-abiding, licensed gun owners chose not to use the new law as an excuse to rampage bars and government buildings in the greater Rome area.  

See, the things that could go wrong from such liberties being abused have long been illegal in Georgia. To my knowledge, it has been illegal to shoot innocent people anywhere in the Peach State since it was founded.  It has also been illegal to commit a crime using a firearm here for hundreds of years.  So what has really changed?  A citizen who has submitted to a lengthy background check, paid their county Probate Judge $75, and is part of a population of legal gun owners that almost never commit violent crimes is now not subject to being made a criminal for exercising the right of self protection in a few more places when security isn’t provided.  

The best part is, private property and business owners maintain the right to refuse firearms on their premises.  In turn, consumers have the right to choose whether or not to frequent these businesses based on this policy.  

So today in Georgia there is no wild west, and nobody died as a result of the new firearms law.  Instead, thousands of instances were eliminated in which normal, law abiding citizens could have become criminals for doing the same thing they do everywhere else every single day without incident.  

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