Get a Summer Job for Liberty

This summer, most students will go back home to find summer jobs at ice cream parlors or archaic movie rentals stores. But instead, you have the chance to intern on Capitol Hill in the heart of Washington, DC and be where the action is.
Any college graduate can tell you — the summer semester is just as important as fall and spring semesters. What you do during these warm months can help determine where you’ll be after graduation. What better way to spend your summer then than working in a congressional office, rubbing elbows with lawmakers, learning the lay of the land, and building relationships with those who can help find you a long-term job?
If you’re interested in spending your summer interning in DC, please fill out the form to apply:
Can’t make it all the way to DC for the summer? We also have position opening in Arizona and Texas.
Most positions offered are entry-level and unpaid. However, you should see this as your opportunity to get your foot in the door, make a good impression, and open up better opportunities for yourself in the future. Even if you want a job elsewhere, having a letter of recommendation from a congressman or senator isn’t too shabby, especially in this economy.
If you can’t apply for the summer semester, make sure to check back with YAL to find fall semester opportunities
Please email all questions to me, Ani DeGroot, at
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