Get Excited! We are Making a difference in the struggle towards peace and liberty.

Disgusting, dehumanizing euphemisms aside, Vance is correct in asserting that the American People’s uncritical military-worship allows the US state to get away with all sorts of atrocities overseas.

Take, for example, this sort of thing. The US government’s “abandoned,” landmines continue to kill innocents in Vietnam even to this day. The murderer-in-chief is by necessity a numbers-guy and “pragmatist,” that won’t bother to think about such things in lieu of his “grand vision.” So it’s not surprising that he’s refusing to sign an international treaty   banning the use of  landmines in general.

The only way the politicians–both foreign and domestic– will stop the murder is public opposition, which will require  a young, romantic, impassioned, and informed group of Americans to change the minds of their countrymen.

More and more, I am coming to believe that group will be YAL. This Thanksgiving, I am particularly thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given to write for this blog. My contribution may be smaller than the next guy’s, and his may be smaller than the next gal’s, but we can all rest easy knowing we are making a difference towards a cause far greater than ourselves. The successful conversion of even one individual can set off a chain reaction of unquantifiable benefit to the goal of world peace.

Think that’s hyperbole? Look at the sort of role the great Justin Raimondo envisions for YAL.   I know Creighton’s forthcoming Chapter will do the best we can to take his advice!

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