Get media attention for your chapter – just by showing up!

Recently, Barack Obama visited the Colorado State University campus to pander to young voters.  While his speech was typical, the pre- and post-events were great for our YAL chapter.

New YAL @ CSU President Scott Phillips gathered a few other liberty-lovers, and they made their presence known at Obama’s speech — simply by walking around with pro-liberty shirts and signs. The media took note of these casual dissenters and stopped to interview them for the school paper, local TV news, and more.  That is, the local YAL chapter got free advertisement at the Obama speech simply by showing up!

So, would you like some free advertising?  Show up to media-covered political events and make yourselves visible.  The media loves controversy, so you should be able to get them to come talk to you — or, go ask them yourselves if they are going to “get all sides” of the story. If you have enough time, you can even send them a press release in advance to announce your protest. Learn more about earning media attention here.

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