Get Trained to Take Action

If you want to run for office yourself, or work on a principled, liberty campaign, or just become a more effective activist, you need to be trained.  Fortunately, our partners at American Majority and the Leadership Institute have exactly the training you need.

Upcoming Leadership Institute Trainings

Jan. 27 Television Workshop, Introduction to Techniques Arlington, VA
Jan.  27 Television Workshop, On-camera Arlington, VA
Jan.  28 Grassroots Activist School Bozeman, MT
Jan.  28 Grassroots Activist School Freehold, NJ
Jan.  28 Travel-Campaign Management School Rock Island, IL
Jan.  30 Campaign Management School Arlington, VA
Feb.  01 Advanced New Media Workshop: Campaigns Arlington, VA
Feb.  01 Powerful Public Relations Online
Feb.  04 Youth Leadership School Newark, OH
Feb.  09 CPAC – How to Raise Money…the Easy Way Washington, DC
Feb.  09 Getting Your Message Heard Washington, DC
Feb.  09 CPAC – Landing a Conservative Job: The Hill and Beyond Washington, DC
Feb.  10 CPAC – Public Speaking Workshop Washington, DC
Feb.  10 CPAC – Video Activism: Tips of the Trade Washington, DC
Feb.  11 Grassroots Activist School Sheboygan, WI
Feb.  11 CPAC 2012 Job and Internship Fair Washington, DC
Feb.  11 CPAC – GOTV: Creating a Winning Ground Game Washington, DC
Feb.  17 Television Workshop, On-camera Arlington, VA
Feb.  21 Public Speaking Workshop, Advanced Arlington, VA
Feb.  25 Youth Leadership School Des Moines, IA
Feb.  25 Youth Leadership School Pensacola, FL
Feb.  25 Travel-Future Candidate School Jonesboro, AR
Feb.  27 Comprehensive Online Activist School Arlington, VA

View the full LI training schedule here.

Upcoming American Majority Trainings

Jan. 25 Activist Training School Yuma, AZ
Feb. 9 Candidate Training School Norman, OK
Feb. 11 Activist Training School Charleston, SC
Feb. 11 Candidate and Activist School Middletown, DE
Feb. 18 Campaign Training School St. Paul, MN
Feb. 18 Candidate and Activist School Bell County, TX
Feb. 25 Campaign Training School Cleveland, TN
Mar. 3 Activist Training School DuPage, IL

Click here to learn more about AM’s training options and request a training in your area.

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