Getting in bed with Mel Watt & the Fed

When we get in bed… with Mel Watt & the Fed… We have to expect… the disease they spread… HONK TO AUDIT THE FED!


This little tactic, among a wealth of others courtesy of the Leadership Institute, is known as Operation Burmashave. Gotta love student innovation!

The above photo is from the Charlotte “End the Fed” rally on 11/22/09–designed by Wake Forest Young Americans for Liberty.

Of course you had to expect a good showing in Charlotte, NC for this weekend’s End the Fed rallies! Charlotte is, of course, the home of one of many braches of the Federal Reserve and, most importantly, in the Congressional District of Mel Watt.

You remember our buddie Mel, he’s that lovely character who’s in bed with Bank of America, Wachovia, and many other bailed out banks. Additionally, those pretty eight economists with ties to the Federal Reserve, were, after all, supporting Mr. Watt’s  “gutting” of H.R. 1207.

Thank God Watt’s changes failed this time around; however, we wouldn’t want to let Watt off too easy.

The rally in Charlotte therefore brought out dozens upon dozens of people to protest the Federal Reserve in Watt’s backyard. Who cares that the rain on that day never let up!

Among the great list of rally attendants was BJ Lawson who gave one heck of a speech (as per his norm) and even did a little sign-waving himself!


Of course the youth were represented as well, and I do mean youth.


Possibly one of the most interesting additions to the rally here in Charlotte was Cindy Sheehan. Yes, Cindy Sheehan; the same wonderful peace activist who did not run, tail-tucked, when Obama was elected!


Cindy gave one heck of a speech at the event, clearly tying together how the Federal Reserve finances foreign wars of aggression and how imperial American foreign policy is only possible at the hand of Federal Reserve inflation and monetization. She also made it very clear that her fight for peace did not end when Obama was elected–and I must say, good for you Cindy! She surely left me very impressed.

It was surely a day to remember: 9/12 candidates, old-righters, libertarians, the left, and everyone in-between and outside the political paradigm all gathered to send the message that when we get in bed with Mel Watt and the Fed, we have to expect the disease they spread!


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