Getting Started at Cal State East Bay

The YAL Chapter at Cal State University set up their first table on November 1st. This was a great day for the chapter because I was able to see how students responded. The six students who got interested and who sign in to be part of the chapter where particularly interested in the issue of mass incarceration in California. They see that this is a problem and they shared their enthusiasm for the message of Liberty because they see that things need to change.

On that same day, I was able to meet with the Catholic club and I attended to one of their mass and at the end, I was able to share with them the chapter and what is all about. One member got really interested and she took some flyers to share with his students. I was also able to talk with my pre-law professor who told me to contact him at the beginning of this coming year to talk more about the club and how he can support it.

I am really excited for this coming year because I will be more active and because my college is really open and respectful of all ideas and ideologies.

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