Getting Started at Catholic University

Despite running into a challenge with administration, I would call the membership drive at Catholic University on Thursday November 16 a success. Both myself and Kevin had planned on tabling in the student center but upon trying to sign up for a table, we were informed that we could not use a table, as we had not finished a mandatory workshop on recruitment and gotten approval from Student Activities (since we are a new organization). While this bureaucracy was frustrating, we were able to salvage the day by clipboarding. We clipboarded outside the library since many students were finishing up papers and assignments before break. We had some great conversations with potential members and students involved in college republicans that seemed interested but wanted to see more activism on campus. Despite this we did get 7 sign ups, and I have already begun to reach out to potential students on a good meeting time for an informal first meeting. While it is good that we got 7 signups, we have now learned exactly what the school needs for us to be able to table so next time we plan an event or tabling session, it should go much smoother.

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