Giant Constitution at Bucknell University

Students Signing the Constitution

The Bucknell YAL Chapter was excited for our first Constitution Week. Our chapter was founded last spring, so the interest shown in YAL’s mission from our new members is encouraging. At our first meeting on September 23, I started with an overview of what YAL is all about. I wanted the new members to know about the goals and plans for the club, as well as excite them for the future of YAL at Bucknell.

Next, we all worked together to create our Giant Constitution.  We used off white fabric that was meant to look like parchment and wrote on it with fabric markers. We just wrote the Preamble, since we wanted to have lots of room for signatures. We decided to write the Preamble in traditional black, then used colors for all the signatures to make them pop. Our members felt like the founding fathers and were eager to be the first to sign the Constitution! 

Making the Constitution

The next day, September 24, we set up a table near the entrance of the Elaine Langone Center, which is the main building on campus that houses the cafeteria, auditoriums, and numerous offices. We hung up our YAL banner and laid out all of the pocket constitutions and other handouts on the table. Next to the table, we hung the Constitution and let it drape over the table so people could easily sign it.

As hundreds of students walked by, we enticed them to sign the Constitution, told them more about YAL, and gave them a free pocket Constitution. People were very receptive and excited that we were promoting our rights and celebrating Constitution week. We had lots of signatures on the Constitution, and also had 32 sign ups! We are excited to welcome the new members at our next meeting.

Once we filled the Constitution with signatures, we hung it up in the entrance to the same building where the table was. This is a high traffic spot that we chose so that the maximum number of people could see it. It hung there for the remainder of the week. Our chapter is excited about how successful our first Constitution week was, and look forward to many more to come!

Hanging Constitution

Constitution Ready for Signatures

Constitution Week Table

First Signatures

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