Giant Constitution at the University of Richmond

Right on the 226th Anniversary of the signing of America’s founding document, the University of Richmond Young Americans for Liberty Chapter held a Giant Constitution event in the Forum.

Let the Signing Begin!

Actual Giant Constitution

For 4 hours, we tabled and talked with passing students. Overall we had about 100 “John Hancock’s” and passed out plenty of pocket Constitutions. Faculty and staff also made their way over to our table, including Dr. Steve Allred, the Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs!


Signing the Constitution

Whenever people stopped by, we made sure to talk to them about the importance of Constitution education. Without voters who understand our founding document, how can we expect to elect government officials who will respect it? How can we make sure that our rights are not being infringed upon when we do not know what rights the Constitution and the Bill of Rights give to us? Specific issues such as the NSA and the 4th amendment featured prominently in a few discussions. Another passerby challenged the YAL tablers to a Constitutional Amendments quiz. It was relatively easy seeing as we had plenty of pocket Constitutions around to reference. 

Leaving their "John Hancock"

New Member?

After the Constitution Week event, our chapter began planning our next event. We will be hosting the NRA on-campus to discuss the 2nd Amendment, and we’ll also serve dinner and offer a one-year NRA membership for those who attend. We have seen increasing membership and involvement in the days following our Constitution Week activism project and look forward to offering more events and information to the students on our campus!

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