Gitmo Shutdown = More Drone Attacks


According to this administration’s math, shutting down Gitmo will mean more drone attacks.

Get ready for more “Shock and Awe” people! The ever peace-loving White House is planning to force the CIA and Pentagon to increase  more drone attacks in Pakistan and around the Afghanistan/Pakistan border.

How realistic is it? Apparently, not so much. Since 9/11, about 775 so called terrorists were captured and sent to Gitmo. Compare that to the 500+ casualties left by a series of drone attacks in Pakistan. I guess this means if you can’t capture them without trial, then you might as well kill whatever (or whoever) is on the way.

However, as we all know, the most of the 500+ casualties in Pakistan are not terrorists but civilians and guerrilla fighters.

Sounds like a brilliant strategic plan to combat terrorists, doesn’t it? As of early this month, the number of drone attacks is up to 131. Even though Congress has yet to delcare war on Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Pakistan, the CIA is just a little more clever on this step and is overtly calling it the “Drone War“.

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