Glendale Community College celebrates YALoween, and hosts U.S. Congressman!

Over the past month, Glendale Community College has been planning our activism for this year’s YALoween activism project. We held our second meeting of the semester on October 8, and decided to hold a personal and economic liberties graveyard to celebrate YALoween on Halloween!

On October 15, our chapter hosted U.S. Congressman Paul Gosar, who Skyped in to our meeting. He was originally scheduled to appear in person, but due to the government shutdown and debt ceiling negotiations, he had to join us from his office in Washington, D.C.

Paul Gosar

Students were able to ask the Congressman a question, and have their concerns about the government shutdown answered. Another subject that was discussed included Obamacare, another hot-button topic that effects the lives of all Americans.

Following our meeting with the Congressman, we began preparing for YALoween on October 31, and had students sign up for time slots to come help out at our activism event.

Graveyard 1
Graveyard 2
Graveyard 3
We were able to get many new recruits through our various activism projects throughout October, and we hope to finish this semester with even more activism that promotes the message of liberty on campus!
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