Glendale Community College Constitution Week

Like many YAL chapters throughout the country, Constitution Week was Glendale Community College (AZ)’s first chance to become better known, and eventually become officially recognized, on campus. We decided to focus solely on recruitment and spreading the message of the Constitution on campus, something many students would never regularly be exposed to.

We were able to recruit more than 100 new sign-ups within just a couple tabling opportunities, and hand out nearly half of the Constitutions we received thanks to Young Americans for Liberty. The professional quality of the Constitutions really brought a lot of professionalism to our table, and was usually one of the first items that students would pick up and take a look at.
After our tabling, we were able to hold our first organizational meeting to begin the process of becoming officially recognized on campus, and we were able to officially register nearly 75% of the necessary members needed in order to become recognized by the school.
Altogether, it was a very successful few weeks for Young Americans for Liberty to begin its formation at Glendale Community College, and to spread the message of liberty and the Constitution on campus!
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