Glendale Community College fights the War on Youth with Congressmen Justin Amash and Thomas Massie!

Heading in to the final part of the semester, the Glendale Community College chapter in Glendale, Arizona was very excited to join the fight against the War on Youth, as we began our planning at our monthly meeting in March.



We decided to participate in YAL’s national activism project by applying for the War on Youth materials, which included Price Plunge and Pong Off Your Debt.

To coincide with our War on Youth activism, our chapter contacted Congressmen Justin Amash and Thomas Massie to hold a War on Youth virtual town hall with students at Glendale Community College. This gave students the opportunity to ask questions about some of the issues they are concerned about, and also was a great learning opportunity for the many economic students that were in attendance.


We were able to hand out more than 250 flyers for the event, and get dozens of sign ups in the process, and we had a packed crowd the day of the event! We even ran out pizza!

All in all, this was one of GCC’s best semesters yet, and we are already looking forward to the Fall semester!

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