Glendale Community College spreads the liberty message in the 2014 Recruitment Drive!


Fresh back after a summer break from student activism on campus, the Young Americans for Liberty chapter at Glendale Community College was ready and raring to go once again, in an attempt to spread the liberty message at GCC AZ!


Within the first two weeks of the semester, our chapter was able to successfully recruit several liberty minded students who were extremely interested in becoming involved in our club, in addition to more than 50 Politically Homeless quizzes being completed, and a dozen more general sign-ups along the way.


We also participated in the annual student club fair, helping to raise awareness and get interested students involved in our club!

Our chapter is very much looking forward to participating in Constitution Week, where we will be hosting Constitutional expert Shane Krauser from the American Academy for Constitutional Education for our first meeting!

Special thank you to YAL National, and the generous donors for providing the materials necessary to continue spreading the message of freedom at Glendale Community College!

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