Glenn Beck: the New Sensation of Conservatism?

I first became a fan of Glenn Beck about 3 years ago when I started listening to this radio program, and watching his show on CNN. He, and Ron Paul, are the reason for my transformation back to true conservatism, and the fundamental idea of individual liberty. (As Ronald Reagan use to say “The very heart and soul of conservatism is libertarianism.”)

The New York Times has taken an interest into this stunning rise and they report the following:

Mr. Beck, an early-evening host on the Fox News Channel, is suddenly one of the most powerful media voices for the nation’s conservative populist anger. Barely two months into his job at Fox, his program is a phenomenon: it typically draws about 2.3 million viewers, more than any other cable news host except Bill O’Reilly or Sean Hannity, despite being on at 5 p.m., a slow shift for cable news.

He echoes the sentiment of the American people that are angry of the way they are being treated for the expense of the privileged few:

“The truth is — that you are the defender of liberty,” he said. “It’s not the government. It’s not an army or anybody else. It’s you. This is your country.”

What the report misses is Glenn Beck’s partial move toward a more libertarian mindset, and beyond what conservatism is today. He realizes that true conservatism rests in the ability to individualize liberty, and not allow the government to control every single aspect of our lives, and our decisions as individuals.

The story by the NYT also mentions the critics that label him a nut, and a champion for armed revolution. Beck responded:

Sitting in his corner office overlooking Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan, Mr. Beck rejected such charges but acknowledged that some people see sinister meanings in his commentaries. He said the people “who are spreading the garbage that I’m stirring up a revolution haven’t watched the show.”

All in all, it is apparent that Glenn Beck has the visibility and potential to advance the libertarian movement. Although some libertarians have criticized Beck for inconsistent stances and past disapproval of Ron Paul, Beck has recently been more on track, loudly criticizing the MIAC report and hosting Paul on his show, and he is a position to truly transform how people think and help them to realize the true principles of this country.

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