Global World Government…Time to Be Scared

I wrote this post on my blog the other day in response to a comment I got on another story I wrote. It is something else, and it needs to be shared:

From Conservative for Change:

I wrote a post last Sunday about the emergence of a “Global New Deal” which was promoted by British Prime Minister Gordon Brown. For anyone that cares about the sovereignty of the United States, and the preservation of our sacred Liberties, then this comment that I got on the story from a Prof. Toti Dulay will scare the crap out of you:

Dear Americans,

I am writing here as one of the millions of believers of The Globalist Manifesto.

Pax Americana is still the status of our global affair. As the de facto leader of the world, you Americans should think in terms of preserving the Pax Americana. The best way to preserve it is to stop the competition while you are still ahead…through the formation of the world government.

With a world government that is in accordance with the Globalist Manifesto, we will have a government of federated nations, respectful of diversity of race, religion and culture. A popularly elected global president, global vice president and members of global congress.

Please read the Globalist Manifesto as millions of others have done and see for yourself the advantages of democratic world government.

America is the land of the brave and the home of the free. It is in your tradition to lead an upheaval.

It is so un american to run away from the on going global phenomenon of the formation of a world government. You must take the lead. This is so important to be left to chance. The survival of the human race depends on this.

When I read this, I was taken back. Never did I think, especially as a historian of U.S. history, we would be in this situation. This is why the founding fathers, like Washington and Jefferson, warned against alliances with world nations. Instead we should be worrying about the affairs of our own nation instead of thinking of world domination, and a world supreme leader.

Our Liberties as free individuals are at stake, and is the U.S. Government doing all they can to protect them? Probably not, because they might be buying into this lunacy.

When is the Revolution?

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