Go Michael Jackson!

The King’s Spirit Lives on, as the pseudo-tribute movie featuring his rehearsals for a tour he’d never be able to do,  is doing quite well. I’m happy to see the film succeeding, but if I see another loser parasite like Peter King speculating about the poor man’s personal life again, I will vomit. Apparently it isn’t enough that Jackson was never found guilty of anything by the Imperial Courts, because top-level state employees — as ethereal creatures endowed with the power to decide how many dead children are “worth” a particular policy outcome– just “know” when a private citizen is guilty of something.

The fact of the matter is that Michael Jackson made money by virtue of his ability to make others happy through his music, while “public servants” like Peter King coerce their salaries while making their constituents’ lives worse — not to mention being complicit with mass murder of innocents overseas. Anyway, the moral outrage of King and other state-friendly “values” types towards Jackson reminds me of the vitriole of career government employee John McCain towards the “for profit” private sector in the 2008 campaign…. The tax-eaters despise the individuality, creative, human diversity, and talent that drives the market.

Ohhhhhh… The power of human jealousy.

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