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Socialism Defined

With spiraling health care costs, increasing dependence on unemployment insurance and other social benefits, as well as their own massive bailout of the Canadian auto industry (Canada now owns 10% of General Motors), Canadians are increasingly unhappy with the imposition of the high taxes necessary to the maintenance of “social democracy” in their country.  In fact, polls in the western provinces show increasing support for secession from Ottawa, reaching 40% in some places.  So it really comes as no surprise that some Canadian companies are now refusing to pay the excessive tax bills being demanded of them. 

One of the most corrosive aspects of socialist systems is the increasing class stratification and tension that is created when government is allowed to pick winners and losers for political reasons.  Canada’s productive class seems to be getting tired of being the piggy bank for out of control provincial governments and the State.  Hopefully, the revolutionary zeal to keep the fruits of their labor will infect American business as well.

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