Gonzaga University’s Political Smack Down, Round 2

Last night the Young Americans for Liberty of Gonzaga participated in a campus debate against the Gonzaga College Republicans and the Young Democrats of Gonzaga. The debate covered the issues of debt, healthcare, education, and guns. 

Last semester, a simular debate was hosted on the eve of Election Night. YAL annihilated the establishment perspectives at this event. During the Round 2 debate, the establishment parties sought revenge as they tried to take down YAL’s small government views. Luckily our two representatives debating held their ground. 

It was rather sad to see the Republicans and Democrats as referring to Obama’s kill list as a minor issue. They mocked YAL for being to idealistic. Yet they failed to realize that YAL was the only club representing a consistent small government position.

Professors assigned this event as extra credit for their classes and we did pretty well in getting the word out, so the crowd was rather large! Overall this event went well and we plan on hosting more Political Smack Downs in the future.

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