Good Anti-State Movie

I’m a bigtime moviegoer, and having seen “Edge of Darkness” last week, I have to second Lew Rockwell’s opinion. I enjoyed the film so much that I feel obliged — without spoiling — to recommend it fellow libertarians.

Protagonist Thomas Craven, played by Mel Gibson,  is a cop whose daughter is brutally murdered at the behest of some very powerful people. Craven, a law-abiding, meat-and-potatoes type fella, initially tries to bring the murderer(s) to justice the “proper” way. But as the conspiracy broadens, he eventually realizes that legal disobedience is his moral duty as a father and human being.

That film reminded me that while legal positivism is clearly morally bankrupt and discredited, most go along with it anyway. Case in point:  Modern Americans are shocked that long ago the US went along with slavery, but they are today turning the other way as politicians kidnap nonviolent “drug offenders,” commit torture, and murder thousands of innocents.

So go see “Edge of Darkness,” and be mindful of the film’s message that  “an unjust law is no law at all.” Bring your pro-state friends too — anything to get them away from the probably pro-state and certainly straight-up sh!tty “Dear John” movie.

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