Good Communication is Key

I posted earlier about my frustrations with Northeastern’s process to “approve” our event. I am pleased to say that I’ve worked it all out and the school is allowing us to conduct the event, as well as publicize it (without a few minor restrictions). They’re even going to help us secure the sign so it doesn’t blow over.

The key to making progress turned out to be a quick phone call. After numerous e-mails back and forth, I finally expressed my frustration/confusion to the school. We arranged a phone call with student activities, and after I explained that I was nervous that Northeastern was trying to block my event, they very quickly made clear their willingness to let me go forward and assist me.

The moral of the story is that if your school is causing you grief, vocalizing your concerns about your right to free speech on campus can lead to fast action from the school. This, of course, will not always be the case, so remember to be ever persistent in this matters.

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