Good Morning, CPAC: Day Three

“In straw polls,” Politico says, “smart money is on Ron Paul“:

Here’s a pretty safe bet: Ron Paul will win Saturday’s Conservative Political Action Conference presidential straw poll. Or at least do better than many better-known and better-financed 2012 Republican presidential candidates….

This year the congressman’s official Campaign for Liberty reserved blocks of tickets for CPAC and urged supporters to come out. They’ve been at in force at CPAC since Thursday, when they began handing out “Campaign for Liberty” lapel stickers, pitching them as “giving away free liberty.”

But the Campaign for Liberty didn’t pay for supporters’ CPAC tickets. Their top-down efforts have been supplemented—or even surpassed—by a hard-core group of young fans who use the Internet to organize, encourage each other, and lay the groundwork for top finishes in the various straw poll events.

A “hard-core group of young fans”…now who might that be?

Meanwhile, YAL’s giant political philosophy quiz has been catching the eye of many a media member.  From the National Journal comes this short mention, featuring YAL intern Josh Jackson sticking yet another quiz result in the top square shared by Ron Paul:

A representative from Young Americans for Liberty pushes small American flags into a board indicating support for potential presidential candidates.

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