Good weather, beach balls, and one pocket-kinfe

On Friday the 6th, I held a free speech event at University of California San Diego. Myself, three state chairs, a Field Representative from the Leadership Institute, and even the West Regional Director with us. It was a really popular event, with people of all political affiliations coming out to sign the ball and the petition. We got 60 sign-ups that day!

Near the end of the event, a suspicious-looking hipster came over to us and wrore “Sic Semper Tyrannis” (“thus always to tyrants”), which John Wilkes Booth said before assassinating Abraham Lincoln. Soon after he left, we noticed that our ball was starting to deflate. We found four knife-shaped punctures in the ball, and noticed that someone had signed our petition under the name “Karl Marx”, leaving an email for the on-campus Marxist bookstore.

The activists I was with went to the bookstore to see if we could talk to the guy who vandalized our ball. We ended up finding him, and while he did attempt to run away, he eventually gave in and waited for the police to arrive. He was publicly handcuffed, searched, and questioned.

In the end, justice was served. We’re on the winning side, ladies and gentlemen. Keep fighting the good fight! Our ball survived too!

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