Goods for the Rich (at the Expense of the Poor)

Getting into long debates with Objectivists about Intellectual Property can be fun.  Nonetheless, I think even they would agree that the United States taxpayer is insuring the property protection of huge corporations at a MUCH higher more and expensive rate than he pays for us poorer citizens.  

Now our ever-so-benevolent rulers want to practice what Republicans have been spouting as “good government” by taking laptops away at the border for having unauthorized copyrighted material on them.

Avatar has grossed 1.6 billion dollars so far and has done so using a technique that would be hard to replicate on websites like  IP can and would be enforceable through contract law in a free market, but the price that comes with the profit wouldn’t be externalized at the cost of the poor.  So, do we really need a trillion dollar infrastructure of security that takes away our human rights (right to property, absence of institutionalized theft)  in order to protect profit generation and tax revenues for the rich government class? 

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