Google Starves the Feds; Bloomberg Unleashes its Hate for Freedom

Congratulations to Google, Inc. on using tax loopholes to prevent the criminal leech mafia (IRS) from collecting $3.1 billion dollars.  Bloomberg has the report, which considers this a travesty rather than a win for liberty.  Here is a disgusting excerpt from the article:

Google is “flying a banner of doing no evil, and then they’re perpetrating evil under our noses,” said Abraham J. Briloff, a professor emeritus of accounting at Baruch College in New York who has examined Google’s tax disclosures.

“Who is it that paid for the underlying concept on which they built these billions of dollars of revenues?” Briloff said. “It was paid for by the United States citizenry.”

Wait…what?  Google is a government-funded institution?  I didn’t know this!  Oh wait, it isn’t.  But, here is Bloomberg’s [lack of] logic: Google’s cofounder Sergey Brin received taxpayer funded scholarships while in college, therefore Google partly belongs to the government.

Alert to college students: Bloomberg is claiming that if you receive any government financial aid in college, any future use of the skills you learned in college belongs partly to the government.  Extending this illogic leads to the conclusion that anyone who teaches you something, or pays for you to learn something, can lay partial claim to the fruits of your labor for the rest of your life.

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