Google To Pull The Plug On China?

googleIt’s about time, isn’t it?

Popular search engine Google has threatened the Communist Republic of China after Chinese officials have censored the Gmail accounts of human rights activists. 

Google claims that it has evidence that some “primary goal attackers was accessing the Gmail accounts of Chinese human rights activists.” However, Google has also said that other big companies have had similar attacks.  Google does not thinking the hacking had widespread success; only a couple gmail accounts have been accessed.  James Mulvenon (a China cyber expert) commented:

It’s clear that this attack was so pervasive and so essential to the core of Google’s intellectual property that only in such a situation would they contemplate pulling the plug on their entire business model in China.

This threat has the potential of hurting U.S-China relations as well.  Sec. of State Hillary Clinton critized China and demanded an explanation stating: “The ability to operate with confidence in cyberspace is critical in a modern society and economy.

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