“GOP Completely Fixes the Economy By Cancelling Funding For NPR”

The Onion reports:

 Unemployment plummeted and stocks soared Tuesday after Republican leaders fulfilled their promise to cut funding for National Public Radio, a budgetary move that has completely rejuvenated the flagging U.S. economy. [said] Sen. Mark Kirk (R-IL), by eliminating funds for NPR, the deficit has been slashed by 0.000004 percent and a newly thriving middle class once again has cause to believe in the American dream. “Pulling funding for Car Talk and Planet Money alone has created 4.2 million jobs and generated a $2 trillion budget surplus.”

After you’ve caught your breath, ask yourself why this  story made you laugh so uncontrollaby. The Onion is consistently hilarious not only because its writers possess great gusto and wit, but — perhaps most of all —  because of the kernels of truth littered throughout all of its political lampoonery.

Political reality is almost ridiculous as The Onion’s satire. Consider the Republican hysteria over the 10-20 million federal dollars channeled to a hippy-happy radio station each year turn a blind eye to  the trillions of dollars frittered away on a foreign policy of perpetual war and occupation. Consider that these people fashion themselves “fiscal conservatives.” Consider that truth really is stranger than fiction (even fiction of an Oniony variety).

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