GOP Complicating Debt Debate because Obama Is Black?

Well according to the Congresswoman from Texas, Shelia Jackson Lee, the Republican Party is making the debt debate complicated for the simple reason of race.

Really?  They are complicating the debate because Barack Obama is black? It wouldn’t have anything to do with the fact that we owe more than $46,000 in debt per citizen?

Now, I know there is still racism in this country, and I don’t wish to minimize the gravity of that matter.  However, the majority of Americans want what is best for their country, and the farthest issue from their minds in the debt ceiling debate is the color of the president’s skin.

Unfortunately, there are still people who hold power in this country who use racism as an excuse for doing wrong.  Yes, they are not the only reason for the debt being so high, but they are a major cause of our problems.  Here is a bold solution:  Stop blaming every thing on race and start responsibly doing your job! Stop screwing the American people for every dime they have left in their pockets.

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