GOP Donors Honor Joe Lieberman

jlHere’s another classic example of GOP establishment hypocrisy.

Senator Joe Lieberman will be an honored guest for an upcoming fund raising dinner in Washington, hosted by a group of GOP fundraisers, despite the fact that Joe is not on the ballot this year.  This fundraiser is mainly for his re-election in 2012 (?).

It’s extremely ironic that even though there are many liberty-oriented, Republican candidates who could use more fundraising and publicity, these donors decide to not only raise money for an ardent ne0-liberal hawk, but also have the event in his honor. 

Why? Why would top GOP donors have an event that would honor a zealous, lifetime liberal? If anyone recalls, Lieberman had plenty of Republican endorsements when he ran as an independent in 2006. Of course, anyone with a decent history of recent elections would know the answer — because of Lieberman’s embrace of a mighty adventurous approach to foreign policy.

With that said, who knows what old Lieberman has in plan for his next re-election bid in 2012. He recently acknowledged that he is open to supporting the Republican Candidate Linda McMahon. Maybe Lieberman even plans on running as a Republican in the future, all depending upon the results of this year’s elections of course.

If the GOP establishment is truly willing to change and become the voice for real limited government instead of spouting empty rhetoric, it would realize that fundraising events like these are political suicides. Yet despite this ongoing season of “support” for  limited government, less spending, and freedom in health care, the GOP is still misguided when it comes to principle. Hopefully the right side of the  Tea Party will have more effect on the GOP, so they (and  all those in Washington) can finally grasp reality and give Americans what they truly deserve:  their country back. 

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