GOP Needs to Attract Younger Voters

Oh really? Great analysis ABC News. I think the GOP would be happy attracting any voters, though having young ones certainly couldn’t hurt. The article does do a good job of identifying conservative success and its motivation in the past however.

Conservative surges including the Goldwater era, the Nixon landslide, the Reagan Revolution, and Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” were fueled primarily by those under 40.

More disappointing though is ABC’s reasoning regarding where a new attraction from the youth should come from.

To gain plurality, the party has to tie together three disparate and not easily reconciled strands: The rural and evangelical South and West, exemplified by Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin; the libertarian fringe embodied by Ron Paul; and multiracial pragmatists, such as Gov. Bobby Jindal in Louisiana.

Firstly, it’s likely incorrect to call the libertarian strain that boosted Goldwater and fueled Reagan as fringe. It’s even more off base to assume that this message can concede its principles with the intolerance and socialist pacification known as ‘pragmatism’ identified in the other two strands.

Ultimately though, the article is a complete failure due to its inability to mention the mounds of success the Ron Paul campaign has already had among young voters and the impact it continues to have, a la this organization. Chances are this article was written by one on the left, who does not understand the liberty movement anyway.

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