GOP Pushes for Repeal, but Lacks Health Plan of its Own

Remember how three years ago, the Republicans campaigned on a “repeal and replace” policy toward Obamacare? House Republicans have voted more than three dozen times to repeal all or part of the health care law, but still lack a plan of their own to offer in its place.

A Denver Post article by David Espo of the Associated Press cites the confidence of Reps. Greg Walden of Oregon and Fred Upton of Michigan that the primary plan must be stopping the implementation of Obamacare.

“If we are successful in ultimately repealing this legislation, then yes, we will have a replacement bill ready to come back with,” says Upton.

Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., laments, “We never did see a repeal and replace bill last time,” referring to the term following the 2010 Republican landslide of victories.

Last week, the House voted to delay two requirements of Obamacare, bringing their total to 39 votes to repeal or reduce the legislation.

The Republicans need to get back to (and more specific about) the “common-sense solutions” they offered us in 2010. With the delay of Obamacare policies earlier this month, we have the opportunity to strike it down for good and execute a plan focused on lowering costs and protecting jobs. 

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