GOPAC’s 20 Keys to Winning in 2014

This past Saturday, I attended a campaign training put on by the Colorado Republican Committee and GOPAC. If you have the opportunity to do the same in your own state, I highly recommend it.

The first portion was put on by David Avella, president of GOPAC. He is a strong presence, very confident and well-informed, and he explains things in a way anyone can understand. He stressed the importance of creating a concrete strategy for 2014, and although he admits the keys are mostly common sense, they are important because the “we aren’t Obama” campaign clearly didn’t work in 2012.

Here are his “20 Keys to Winning in 2014”:

  1. You are the message
    a.  Tell voters how your ideas and policies will improve their lives
  2. Know what the vote-deciding issues are, and where you stand
    a.  2010’s issue: Obamacare
    b.  2012’s issue: the economy
  3. Outcomes over process
    a.  Need to articulate the end game
    b.  “___ will happen if we pass ___”
    c.  The left is better at this. The right likes to explain how every process works
    d.  The average American comprehends on a seventh grade level
  4. Know how many votes you need to win
    a.  Simple: 50 + 1
    b.  You won’t know how many doors to knock or how many mailers to send without this
  5. A written campaign plan charts the path to victory
    a.  When do you start canvassing/advertising?
  6. Voters cast their vote based on what they know about each candidate.
    a.  Contact matters.
    b.  People need to hear something seven times for it to sink in
  7. Contrast, Contrast, Contrast
    a.  How are you different?
    b.  Don’t be negative; be informative
  8. 65% of the campaign budget needs to be dedicated to voter contact
  9. Raise money!!
  10. You actually have to research to candidates: yours and the opponent
    a.  Need to know what the opponent may expose
  11. Debates and completing questionnaires are not a requirement for victory
    a.  There are no undecided voters at a debate. They’re there to support their candidate of choice
  12. Be aware that everything you say and do is up for public consumption
  13. All reporters are biased, and their bias is for news
    a.  Your job is to be newsworthy
  14. In state and local races, the key is personal interaction — door to door contact
  15. You need to get to know the minority voters, spend time listening to their concerns and share ideas on how to make their lives better
  16. Independents decide elections
  17. Seniors vote
  18. Campaigns won’t necessarily win with volunteers, but they rarely win without them
  19. Voter registration, early voting, election day
    a.  Need a strategy for each
    b.  Consider the start of early voting to be election day
  20. There is no set formula for winning

Like I said, this isn’t rocket science, but it is important for us to get organized early and work fast to ensure more victories for liberty in 2014!

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