“Got Liberty?” — YAL forms in the “Capital City” at the Lansing Community College


It was a last minute start for the Lansing, Michigan Chapter of the Young Americans for Liberty, however, we managed to persevere and were officially recognized and finally ready to table during the last week of finals!



We set up shop in the best spot we that could find, and, began speaking with many of the students and passersby. To help us out, we used some of the great “War on Youth” materials that were sent to us and we handed out pocket Constitutions and most all of our palm cards about YAL itself.



During the tabling session, we got to interact and have some fun with their fellow LCC Students. We informed them about the National Debt, the Constitution, YAL National, and YAL-LCC.



We all got to play the, “Do you support Liberty” game, which, was fun and informative and helped to break the ice with the other students. As a result, we gathered roughly 25 sign-ups for the fall semester and also made some new friends in the process!


While it took a bit to get it up and running due to an intense ping-pong game that broke out between the president of our chapter and the Student Life Department (I’m kidding, but, it sure felt like it, haha), we managed to do pretty well for just the four of us. This just proves that anythings possible if you don’t give up! Hope everybody has a great and safe summer, and see you soon!

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