Got plans for spring break yet? Because you definitely should.

And those plans should entail coming to YAL’s Spring Break in Kentucky, a full week of civics education and activism for liberty for YAL members across the country!  This important event begins in just 11 days, so if you’re still unsure about whether or not you’re coming, now’s the time to decide — and to decide that you are coming to Kentucky.

Spring Break in Kentucky

If your spring break doesn’t line up with these dates, you can still come!  YAL staff will fill out any forms necessary to get you credit with your college, and as for classes….well, all YAL members are good students, right?  You’ll catch back up in no time!

Here are some further details on this sweet opportunity to devote a whole week to becoming a more effective activist and advancing the cause of freedom:

Lodging, food, training, materials, and transportation within Kentucky will be provided for all attendees thank to the generosity of YAL donors.

For 2 days you will receive top-notch political training, and for the remaining 3 days you will use the knowledge you gained to work for the campaign of your choice. 

YAL’s Spring Break in Kentucky will act as the launching pad for YAL’s campaign activities in 2010.  Please join us and apply today.

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All YAL members (ages 15-39) who want to make a direct impact in the political process are encouraged to apply (click here for the application). After completing the application, the YAL staff will review your submission and respond with more information shortly.  A competitive application process is expected, so please apply early.

If you would like to attend, but you are not yet a YAL member, please join YAL here.

Here is your opportunity to make a direct impact in Kentucky, network with the top youth activists in the country, and receive incredible on-the-ground campaign training for 2010.

The top graduates of this week will be offered jobs and internships on campaigns and initiatives across the country. This could be your big break to work for the R3volution!

Click here for further information.

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