Gov. Mark Sanford Admits to Adultery

From the AP:

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) — SC Gov. Mark Sanford admits affair, resigns as chairman of Republican Governors Association

Just when I thought there was a candidate that might be suitable for President, he cheats on his wife. And politicians wonder why the people have no trust in them.

Governor Mark Sanford of South Carolina admitted today that he has been having a relationship with a women in Argentina, which is where he was the past 5 days as reporters began questioning his absence.

From the Wall Street Journal:

“I have been unfaithful to my wife, I have developed a relationship with what started as a dear, dear friend from Argentina… it began very innocently as I suspect these things do… just a casual email back and forth…” the governor says. He says this year it developed “into something more.”

It’s difficult to trust any elected officials. Once they rise to power, they so often lose citizens’ respect and fall just as quickly. The ones that actually make a difference and hold true to principle get laughed off the stage for being less optimistic than the other contenders.

I actually took a liking to Mark Sanford because, in rhetoric at least, he had started to resemble a true conservative. He had the potential to be another Ron Paul, but now he has effectively ruined his career.

I just pray for his wife who has to go through this and hope that we can find someone else suitable to lead this country away from the socialistic darkness.

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