Government-funded intimidation in NC

I recently posted about Andrew Henson of the Civitas Institute’s expose of grossly wasteful spending by the North Carolina Child Care Services Association — an expose that garnered an angry response from the government-funded CCSA and its supporters.  And now, CCSA, without attempting to disprove anything written by the Civitas Institute, is threatening Civitas with a defamation lawsuit that would be funded almost exclusively with taxpayer money.  Civitas writes:

CCSA did not produce a single example of actual “falsehoods” contained in our articles.

We need your help to raise the funds necessary to fight the attempts by this, and other, taxpayer-funded organizations to silence our story on the mismanagement of government money.

CCSA’s own response to the investigation substantiated the original story Civitas published. Now they are using a law firm to try and scare us into pulling our story and “…issue retractions of the falsehoods [Civitas has] disseminated.”

While their threats and bullying don’t worry me what does worry me are the legal bills that result from us defending our first amendment rights! CCSA has a budget of over $30,000,000 according to the last published report and over $29,000,000 came from government sources. Our contributions last year, all from private sources, came to less than $1,000,000.

Read the rest of Civitas’ posting here.

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