Government Funds More than Just NASA

Today marked a moment in history — the 135th and final space mission of NASA.

I find it ironic that the United States government spends approximately $663 billion a year on overseas military endeavors, yet NASA is the cut they choose to make in the budget.  While the government should not be involved with other countries’ affairs or pointless wars, it should not be funding a space program either, to be consistent.  The aggressive acts of violence and murder in other countries vs. taxing and spending on NASA shows differences in degree of government involvement, but both are inherently immoral and unconstitutional.  Atlantis Launch

Many seem to assume that this will be the final trip to space, but in fact, it may open doors to private entities taking the initiative for space exploration in the future.  Also, there may not be as much typical waste in funding as seen in most government programs if a private company or individuals fund space travel.  For example, we might we see a Google space program in the near future.  

Hopefully the end of NASA will raise more awareness to the US government’s budget problems, including the wars overseas, being the world police and the domestic war on drugs, rather than being a period of mourning for, most likely, wastefully funding space exploration. 

Here’s to the future of liberty and privately-funded science!

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