Government Gone Wild At MTSU

mtlibertyFor MTSU’s Government Gone Wild event, we tabled 5 days this past week Monday – Friday 3/26 – 3/30. On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday we had our fake body scanner and “Ken I. Seymore” officers on patrol. Friday we did some additional recruitment tabling. After Monday we made use of a pleasant shady spot to make our table inviting, though this is make our documentation shady as well.

We filled up 4 pages and got 66 signups and we were interviewed by MT TV, the campus news station. The content, I believe, has not aired yet. But I’ll update this post when that content is available.

Check out this video round up of the week which I made:

Our student in the fake TSA outfit would motion students though the creepy scanner, we’d give them mardi gras beads, explain how the TSA violated their rights and then motion them over to the table for materials and to sign up.

Several members wore Mr. Seymore’s strip search uniform, including Connor Shepard, Kristin Breaux, Alex Mosely, Galadriel Robinson, and Eric Sharp. But the most effective and imposing figure was no doubt Joseph Tragaber  



In fact, on Thursday someone called campus police because they were offended about being stopped to go through the scanner, rather than talk to us about it.

We also used the Operation Politically Homeless Quiz to engage students and to gage their interest in the ideas of liberty and YAL. If your chapter doesn’t have an OPH kit apply for one. Local activist Rebecca Leonard helped administer the quiz and run the table most of the week with everyone else in the group.


Additionally, we had YAL MTSU’s unique dancing robot mascot, YAL BOT, dancing to music to picque interest in the table.


A couple of people wore the outfit, but as usual, Galadriel Robinson rocked the suit most of the time all week . She even played hacky sack in the costume.

hacky bot
Taking a cue from Brandon Cestrone and the Slippery Rock chapter’s event, we encouraged students to write on the scanner after they went through it. 

writeonscanner2   writeonscanner

Throughout the week we promoted two upcoming events, the screening of “10 Rules for Dealing with Police” the next Monday with these two fliers, one for posting, and the other for cutting into smaller squares to pass out.

We also hosted Medibid’s Ralph Weber to talk about how ObamaCare affects students with these two fliers for posting, and to pass out.

Take a look at our table spread. Laying out your materials in an appealing fashion is almost as important as having them. With that said, the wind always our eternal foe when tabling outside. As cool as YAL Pet Rocks are, we may need to invest in some classier paper weights.

A big shout out needs to go to Tim Ramsey, our newest member. After some delays from the stores that carry large cardboard boxes (particularly refrigerator boxes) we didn’t have a scanner on Monday. Tim volunteered to get the refrigerator box, and when that was going to take a few days he bought the pvc pipe and acquired the card board and built the “Creepy Scanner” and brought it to campus.

Also Connor Shepard needs to be thanked, not just for helping run the booth every day of the week but for keeping the scanner in his dorm and carrying it at least a mile to a from his dorm each day with help Alex Mosley or Eric Sharp.

Of course when you specifically mention people for their efforts some will be accidently over looked. Lots of members came out to help this week and they made the event spectacular.

All in all it was a really fun and energizing week and a great way to kick off a jam packed April!
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