Government Gone Wild at UF!

“Excuse me miss, you’re looking awfully suspicious. As a representative of the TSA, I’m going to need you to step over here so that I can violate your Fourth Amendment rights with a thorough scannin’.”

Just your average Government probe!

That was the greeting uttered by the scanner-wielding Ken I. Seymore (Vice-President Jonathan Wilbur) who took many unsuspecting students of the University of Florida off guard. The fact that the “scanner” was actually a black frat paddle perfected the whole creepy scene. But as they received a scannin’ from Seymore, they learned the really creepy fact that the privacy invasions inflicted by our government in the name of security violate their rights that are supposed to be protected by the Constitution.

This opened up some awesome conversations with passing students not only about privacy rights, but also about things like counter-productive gun control laws and other areas where American liberties are slowly disappearing in the name of security. We gave everyone Marti Gras beads as a parting reminder about how the government has seriously gone wild!

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