Government Study: Military Suicides Caused by Lack of Fish

This is beyond horrific. Government psychiatrists are actually suggesting fish oil as a simple fix to prevent military suicides:

This study, conducted by researchers from the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences, the National Institute of Alcohol and Alcohol Abuse, may help identify a simple fix for service members going into harm’s way: supplementation with the highly unsaturated fatty acid DHA, which is not made by the body but comes from foods such as fatty fish, as well as eggs and dairy products that have supplemented with DHA.

Try telling that to Jared Hagemann’s wife that her husband’s suicide was not caused by the horrors that he witnessed during his eight combat deployments, but because he did not have tuna with his dinner.

Or try telling that to the family of Harry Lew that his suicide was not caused by his hazing by fellow Marines, but because of the low levels of Omega-3 in his MREs.

Or try telling Clay Hunt’s father that his son’s suicide could have been prevented if he had ingested enough fish oils.

I suppose then that the most sensible solution is to forcibly pump soldiers full of Omega-3 just as the military already does with unnecessary antibiotics and untested vaccines.  This study is a joke. The Uniformed Services University of Health Science is a joke. However, it is not a joke that the government sees its own suicidal soldiers as merely defective objects that can be repaired with chemical solutions. Not people subjected to psychological damage, but weapons that can be lubed with fish oil to get them properly operating again.

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