Government Wants to Fix the Government Problem with More Government

If we get in our time machine and go back to 2009, we hear the Obama Administration claiming that the drug war violence in Mexico is directly linked to gun sales in America, with 90% of the guns used by cartels being purchased and smuggled from the US. Now, this claim has been conclusively refuted by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives’ own numbers — yet we still see the claim popping up everyday that American guns fuel Mexican drug  violence.

Because of this so-called epidemic we have seen calls for restrictions on gun sales here in America as a way to prevent the supposed spread into Mexico. Even Mexican President Felipe Calderon has urged the US to reinstitute the “Assault Weapons Ban” that was allowed to sunset under the Bush Administration (despite Bush’s support of it).

Fastforward to 2011, and under a combination of the Federal “Project Gunrunner” and Arizona’s “Operation Fast and Furious” local Arizona gun dealers were okayed by Arizona State and ATF officials to sell guns to known cartel members with the express purpose of letting them cross the border. We have now learned of an estimated 1,700 – 2,500 weapons that the ATF knowingly allowed to be sold to drug cartels. The plan was to let them cross the boarder with American serial numbers so once they were seized they could be traced back to America would have evidence of arms smuggling.

Of course since the linking of these guns to the death’s of Border Patrol Agents the Obama Administration is claiming that neither he nor Eric Holder had any knowledge of nor authorized the situtation. He has assigned a team to “investigate who authorized this operation.”

While of course not every gun transported into Mexico was purchased with the full knowledge of the ATF, the fact that this hairbrained scheme even made it past the white paper phase is completely unacceptable. It is entirely hypocritical for the Government to say “guns are bad” out of one side of their mouths while at the same time encouraging illegal behaviour. Though no gun restrictions have made their way through the Obama administration, without these whistleblowers coming forward these gun-running operations could be used as cannon fodder for promoting more restrictions.

As always when government is the source of the problem, more goverment is offered as the solution.

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