Government’s Track Record on Education

According to researchers at the Shanghai Ranking of World Universities, the more government interferes with a school, the worse off it is:

Among European universities, those that did not require government approval of the university budget had a 50% better ranking that those that did require government approval. European universities that were free to pay faculty as they saw fit also had a ranking 50% better than those required to pay faculty on a union style pay scale based on seniority. Ranking were also much higher when universities were free to select undergraduate student compared to those with government mandates. Rankings also increased with the percentage of research money that was competitively acquired. They found that their results also applied to the United States.

Before our government starts expanding the role of the federal government in our public school system, maybe they should take a good hard luck at what government has really done to education. This is proof that the best thing for Obama to do for education would not be to expand, but to eliminate the Department of Education.

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