Great Recruiting tool for Democrats and Independents

I created this two-page Microsoft Word document as a tool to help with recruitment at our school and I think it might be helpful to you as well. 

It lists current House members and Senators who oppose indefinite detention, the PATRIOT Act, SOPA, and TARP.  In addition, all of these members of Congress support withdrawing from Afghanistan. While YAL as an organization doesn’t endorse candidates for office, and individual YAL members may have mixed views about some people on the list, I think most of us endorse the policies listed underneath each person.

What is unique about this list is that it includes Democrats Ron Wyden and Maria Cantwell and Independent Bernie Sanders (all three of whom voted against TARP under Obama and Bush). Including these liberal Congressional members in the list (despite some of their economic views being contrary to ours) helps nullify the perception of some potential recruits that YAL is a branch of the Republican Party.  I find that it also helps show bipartisan support on these principles which our organization values.

Of course, many additional positions can be added that are not listed in this document (such as support for auditing/ending the Federal Reserve) but I found this list to be a good introduction, which allows me to talk about other positions based on an individual’s personal stances, for our group’s principles.

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