Great Recruitment Turnout For SAU!

On Wednesday, September 14th, I was given an awesome opportunity to set up a table in the cafeteria at my school, Saint Ambrose University, to gain campus attention and recruit students to join. Myself and a friend of mine, who had already joined before the recruitment drive, talked to students during the hours of dinner that day about YAL and libertarian values.

The “What To Say To Police” cards and the pocket Constitutions from the recruitment drive package caught the most attention from students and influenced the majority of our members to sign up. Most of the students on my campus are actually very unaware of libertarian values and after explaining some fundamentals, the students that took interest signed up immediately!

I was very excited with the turnout. We had just over twenty students sign up! Hopefully I will be able to reserve a table again sometime within the next few weeks to recruit more members. 

I am the social media coordinator for the College Republicans club and one of my friends holds a chair position for the Turning Point USA chapter here on campus. With those connections, we have talked about getting all three clubs involved with activities together, which will help with further recruitment in the future!

I cannot wait to see how YAL will impact Saint Ambrose! It should be a great first year!

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