Great start at the University of Delaware


On August 30, Young Americans for Liberty at the University of Delaware ran our table at the Student Activities Fair. Our assigned spot was outside, but great weather drew crowds to the fair. Armed with a great variety of materials sent to us by YAL (for which we were very grateful) plus Students for Liberty materials and more gifted by the Students for the Second Amendment, we were ready. Looking at our display table, one signup even said we were the best prepared student organization at the fair.

For two and a half hours, we met students and advanced the ideas of liberty. I was surprised how receptive people were. No one criticized us or tried to tell us to stop, as other chapters have experienced. In fact, some even said we were right up their alley. People loved our “Socialism sucks” and other stickers against big government. If not for people’s reluctance to take the last one, we would have run out of Constitutions. All told, we got 57 signups. It was a great night, and I’m inspired by the surprising love of liberty we have on campus!


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