Great start to a great semester at Guilford College

YAL @ Guilford College has had an amazing start this semester! During our successful Recruitment Drive we had over 15 sign-ups, which is huge for our tiny liberal arts college. We were able to connect to some really awesome students who are interesting in liberty and excited to join YAL! We also gave away lots of copies of Why Liberty and pocket Constitutions; it was a huge success!


Constitution Week was just as successful, resulting in seven sign-ups, which is again huge for our tiny private school. We did face administrative troubles on our campus, since they would not actually let us have a Free Speech Wall for some reason, so we had a Free Pizza Free Speech Party for the Constitution’s birthday instead! You can’t stop this delicious freedom train.


We had the party in front of our Free Speech “Wall,” which was actually three large poster boards and six large pizzas. It drew a huge crowd and ended up lasting over three hours!


The Free Speech Wall sparked a lot of interesting conversations, and it was awesome to hear what students had to say about free speech. We were able to give away many pocket Constitutions while informing students about their rights.

It was an awesome start to this semester, and everyone at Guilford College YAL is looking forward to the rest of the year! 

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